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      企業如人,誠信為本 - 企業如人誠信為本 , 人之操履無若誠實

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      將以質優的產品,合理的價格,完善的售 后服務為新老客戶服務

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      產品獲得強制認證證書和合格評定中心 3C換版檢驗,準予生產和銷售

    關于我們 / about us

    高郵市消防器材總廠,注冊商標“水花”; 由于發展需要,總廠旗下新增了“高郵市水花消防器材有限公司”注冊商標“郵花”。我廠位于素有魚米之鄉的蘇北里下河地區,座落在宋代詞人泰少游故里高郵市三垛鎮武寧村, 南距揚泰機場三十公里、S333省道四公里,西距京滬高速公路二十公里,環境幽雅、交通便利。

    我廠創辦于一九七六年六月,現有職工600人,其中各類技術和管理人員68人。擁有固定資產5000萬元,占地面積35000多平方米,建筑面積25000多平方米。建立了完善的質量體系,取得多種“計量合格確認證書”,并成為江蘇及多省的消防協會會員單位。工廠技術力量雄厚,生產和檢測設備齊全,工藝先進。生產“水花”牌水帶接口: KDK65, KD65,KY65,KN65。消防水槍: QZG3.5/7.5, QZ3.5/7.5,QP8/0.7Z泡沫水槍。室內消火栓: SN65, SNW65-I,SNZ65, SNZW65-I。 消防軟管卷盤JPS0.8-19/25。生產的“郵花”牌,消防有襯里水帶:65-8、10、 13、 16、20、 25型; 80-16、 20、25型。水帶接口: KD50、65; KY50、65;KN65。消防水槍: Q2Z3.5/7.5、 5。 室內消火栓: SN65, SNW65-I, SNZ65, SNZW65-I。 并于二零一五年五月通過公安部消防產品合格評定中心3C換版檢驗,獲得以上產品所有的強制認證證書,準予生產和銷售,產品行銷全國各地,深受廣大用戶好評。


    Gaoyou Cily Fire Eauipment Factoy, registered trademark "water flower;due to the developmen needs,the plant's new "Gaoyou City Water Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd."registered trademark"postal".I plant is located in the hometown of Yumizhixu in the north of the river area,is located in the Song Dynasty poet Qin Shaoyuan hometown -Gaoyou Sanban town Wuning village,south of Yangtai Airport thirty kilometers,S333 provincial highway four kilometers west Shanghai Expressway twenty kilometers,the environment elegant,convenient transportation.

    I plant was founded in June 1976, the existing staff of 600 people,including all kinds of technical and management staff of 68 people.With 50 millon yuan in fixed assets,covers an area of over 35,000 square meters,construction area of over 25,000 square meters.The establishment of a sound quality system. made a variety of "measurement of qualified certification",and become Jiangsu and more provinces of the fire association member units.Factory strong technical force,production and testing equipment,advanced technology.Production "water flower"brand water with intertace:KDK65,KD65,KY65,KN65.Fire water gun:QZG3.5/7.5,QZ3.5/7.5,QP8/0.7Z foam water gun.Indoor fire hydrant:SN65,SNW65-1,SNZ65,SNZW65-1.Fire hose reel JPS0.8-19/25.Production of "postal" card,fire with lining water:65-8,10,13.16,20,25 type;80-16,20,25 type.Water interface:KD50,65;KY50,65;KN65.Fire water gun:QZ3.5/7.5.5.Indoor fire hydrant:SN65,SNW65-1,SNZ65,SNZW65-I.And in May 2015 through the Ministry of Public Security Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center 3C version of the inspection access to all of the above products,mandatory certification,to allow the production and marketing,product marketing throughout the country,praised by the majority of users.

    I plant wll be high quality produots,reasonable prices,and improve after-sales service for the new and old customer service.

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